The Importance of Creating Relevant Content for Website Visitors

– The solution to improve eCommerce performance is to create better creatives and relevant content for website visitors.
– The quality of traffic cannot be accurately determined based on a few clicks, and high abandon cart rates indicate a lack of quality.
– The current metrics used to measure success, such as email open rates and click-through rates, may not provide meaningful insights, and it is important to question the value of expert suggestions and understand the underlying reasons behind them.Question the proposed solutions and understand the “why” behind them in order to figure out how to measure success in marketing.”The solution is to create better creatives and content that are relevant to your website visitors.” – Every eCommerce expert talking about iOS changes. Also, every eCommerce expert says, “We measure the quality of our traffic based on the actions that people take with our ads and on our website, especially when they make a purchase.” No one knows the quality of the traffic they drive based on a few clicks. With abandon cart rates estimated to be at 80% on desktop and 85% on mobile, who can say that any of those are actually quality at all? Email open rates greater than 25% are considered awesome, and click-through rates of 4% are considered doing well. So the same people telling you that 2% of your customers converting is good, 75% of your subscribers not opening your emails is good, and 96% of your subscribers not clicking links in your emails is great are telling you that the solution is to create better creatives and messaging. Shouldn’t this just be table stakes at this point? Weren’t we supposed to be creating awesome creatives with relevant messaging? This narrative points out the hypocrisy of how bad we actually are at creating creatives that resonate with audiences. Why? If you use a little bit of logic, the answer is that what we’re tracking doesn’t tell us what to create or what’s relevant, which means the “quality” actions we’ve been “measuring” don’t exactly make a whole lot of sense. They don’t seem to indicate much of anything. Let’s instead question where these proposed solutions are coming from and what the actual value “experts” are sharing when they can’t really answer why people are even signing up for the newsletter in the first place. Try to understand the “why” behind these suggestions, and then let’s work on figuring out how we can measure success because the current means aren’t going to cut it. #marketing #ios15 #ecommerce #customerjourney

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