The Importance of Context in Attribution and Marketing

– Attribution without context is not valuable and a waste of time.
– The success or failure of an ad or channel depends on its relevance to the audience and timing, which brands have little control over.
– Having a model to qualify and quantify traffic and audience, as well as adding context to business operations, is crucial for success in a commoditized industry.Develop a plan or strategy to add context to your business operations in order to stay competitive in a commoditized industry.Attribution without context is a waste of time. Some people convert, but lots of people don’t. Unless you know why people convert and why others don’t, attribution isn’t super valuable. Often, the success or failure of an ad or channel isn’t predicated on the ad itself, but its relevance to the audience that is being presented the ad in combination with timing. Both of these factors, you as a brand have next to no control over and instead rely on the larger platform algorithms to do the heavy lifting. Unless you have a model to qualify and quantify the traffic and audience being sent to you and the relevant conversion, you’re flying blind. Yet all I keep reading is about people who are making all their decisions with a budget based on attribution. The kicker is that people are still looking at ROAS to determine their choices. This isn’t the future. It’s barely a working model in the present. If you’re in a commoditized industry (which is basically everyone) and you don’t have a plan or strategy to add context to your business operations, you’re going to go out of business or lose to the businesses that can capitalize on this gap. My goal is to automate and replace digital agencies. We’re getting really, really close. Context is the game-changing advantage that no one understands quite yet, but it will become what everyone is talking about in another 12 months.

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