The Importance of Collecting Data for Effective Marketing

– Collecting the right data is crucial for understanding customers and selling products effectively.
– Having data allows for personalized and targeted marketing strategies.
– Learning about contextual intent data collection can greatly benefit marketers in the long run.Collect and analyze relevant data about your customers to better understand their needs and preferences, and use this information to tailor your marketing strategies and provide value to your customers.People get so cocky when they tell me they don’t need more data. 100% of the time, they aren’t collecting the right data. Story time: A person I was talking to does about $1 million a year in sales. They sell a cast iron bread maker. He said he knew everything about his customers and his single item didn’t need customer data or research. I said, “Great, then answer these questions for me about your customers: Have they baked bread before? How often do they eat bread? Where do they buy bread from? What is their favorite type of bread?” I got a blank stare. Turns out, having a bit of data is actually really helpful in framing a conversation around selling a product. Let’s segment this list out a bit for a welcome series. Haven’t baked bread before? We make it easy. Skip the freezer. Fresh bread is less than 2 hours away. Skip the store. No more preservatives and additives. Here’s a recipe to try for some amazing French bread. I can now provide value for all of the answers provided, and it costs me nothing. I can now focus on elements of the customer journey that the person is working through in their head to present value given their journey. Want to be better than 99.9% of marketers? Take the time to learn about contextual intent data collection. I promise you it will pay off huge in the long run. Or you can keep assuming and guessing why people purchased, because that sounds like a really optimal strategy! #data #marketing #ecommerce

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