The Importance of Audience Quality in Ecommerce and Ads

– Understanding the quality of the audience is crucial in ecommerce and email marketing.
– Asking questions during signup can help determine the quality of the audience.
– Paying attention to the subscription to conversion rate is important for success in ecommerce.Ask questions during signup to understand the quality of the audience and improve product market fit.Someone gives you just an email or phone number, and you send the same generic message via both channels. Woohoo! Someone tells you what products they are interested in, what matters most to them in the products, what activities they are looking to use them for, and when they are looking to purchase. Guess what? You can now rank the quality of that signup, and you can parrot back a message to them to answer all their questions preemptively to get them to purchase. This is the inflection point we face with ecommerce and email. There’s spillover though into ads. You run the same ad to two audiences. One has higher ROAS than the other, but one has higher signups. Which do you keep? What if you had context on the quality of the audience via the signup? Things start to change in how you approach things, don’t they? This is what’s coming next. Most don’t understand it, but be part of the few that do understand it. Or f*ck it, just spend more money on ads and hope for the best. 9/10 times, your problem isn’t with the ads, but with the landing page, product pages, and the quality of the audience making their way to your website. If you’re not asking questions during signup to understand the quality of the audience, you’re missing out. It’s all about the quality of the audience and product-market fit. Pay close attention to your subscription to conversion rate. #ecommerce #data #strategy

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