The Importance of Asking the Right Questions in Consulting

– Consulting primarily involves asking the right questions, with a focus on company and customer questions.
– Company questions include determining the goal, its impact on the business, and the resources required for its achievement.
– Customer questions involve ensuring clarity, ease of understanding, trust-building, differentiation, and clear reasons for trying the product.Ensure that all goals and objectives are clearly articulated and backed by sound decision making before starting a project.99% of consulting is asking the right questions. I spend most of my time asking two types of questions: company questions and customer questions. Here are the most common types; they will likely save you a ton of time in your own business.

Company questions:
– What is the goal of us doing this?
– Does this goal set us up for long-term success?
– How does this goal impact other parts of the business?
– Is this goal clear enough to take action?
– Are there any blockers that could impact this goal?
– What is the reasonable timeline for achieving this goal?
– Do we have the necessary resources to complete this goal?

If any of these cannot be clearly articulated or backed by sound decision making, then the goal isn’t a goal; it’s a hope. Business isn’t built on hopes and dreams. It’s built on strategy and execution.

Customer Questions:
– Will a normal person understand this?
– Are the words we’re using easy to understand?
– Does our journey provide all the necessary information?
– Do we provide enough trust to prompt action?
– Are we different enough?
– Are the reasons clear why someone should try our product?

I’ve seen so much work done over the years where people didn’t start with these questions, didn’t question direction, and just did work for the sake of work. I don’t do work for the sake of work; everything has a goal and an outcome. Imagine how much more effective you could be if you made sure all the above was clear before starting a project. #consulting #strategy #business

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