The Impact of iOS14 on Brands: Data and Strategy are Key

– Ways to adjust to iOS14 are trending on Reddit, indicating the impact on brands.
– Data, specifically customer intent data, is crucial for navigating iOS14 changes.
– Understanding and utilizing marketing data and strategy will be key to success in the changing landscape.Clean data collection at the right time is the key to optimizing marketing strategies in the face of iOS 14.Ways to adjust to iOS 14 are massively trending on Reddit, which means that it’s actually starting to really impact brands in ways they don’t want to publicly admit. We’ve been hearing the rumors, and a lot of agencies and brands are stressed out. That’s the beauty of Reddit – people are honest because they can be anonymous. They aren’t on LinkedIn optimistically posting for more clients. The only way past iOS 14 is data, specifically customer intent data. In fact, at a very basic level, it’s something that all companies have wanted all along but not really understood. Scarcity and urgency have been hyped instead of timing, buying cycles, and intent. Then there are the people talking about needing to change your strategy, but how do you change a strategy with less data or limited to no data collection? Because this is what people are saying: go with the cheapest option that doesn’t tell you how to use or understand your data and make something great. It’s not about the data collected but the people you have to use it. We have a resource shortage in the strategy space. To all my network that is going back to marketing basics, word of advice for someone that’s been in the space for more than 15 years – clean data collection at the right time is the key to optimizing, not marketing basics. Marketing basics alone will no longer win battles. You have a chance to actually point to and use data trends to make decisions with real answers from real visitors and customers. If you’re not doing it this way, agencies and brands that are will take your market share. It’s inevitable. Those that know and understand marketing data will win out. They always do. Those that can use that data to create strategy will be able to command whatever price they like, as there will be less competition and a wider gap. It’s a waiting game. There is no other way forward, and as costs continue to rise, the longer you worry about prices now, the more it’s going to cost you later. I’ve had many conversations with people who are concerned with the price of data collection. Really, what it comes down to is they don’t know what to collect or how to use it. If it’s tough for you to understand data, strategy, and the underlying value, you’re not alone. This is the whole reason we run as a managed service. We’re happy to add a separate retainer to help you with that bit.

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