The Gap in Marketing Acumen in Ecommerce Agencies

– There is a gap in marketing acumen in the current ecommerce agency landscape.
– Many agencies rely on non-marketing or cookie cutter tactics without a real data-driven approach.
– The author wants an agency that utilizes data to understand buying power and relevant prices in different geographies.Find an agency that utilizes data-driven marketing strategies and incorporates a deep understanding of buying power and consumer behavior in specific geographies.I’m constantly surprised by the gap in marketing acumen that exists today in the ecommerce agency landscape. The trend, it seems, is to work for an agency, follow their methods, then branch out on your own, rinse and repeat. Unfortunately, this has led to a lot of non-marketing or cookie-cutter tactics that, in frothy ecommerce times, have been “good enough” from a strategic approach. There’s rarely a real data play, and there’s rarely any conversation about unit economics. I want an agency that asks me for all the sales so they can put it on a map, then cross-reference it against the Consumer Price Index in our most concentrated geographies. This unlocks a better understanding of buying power, disposable income, and prices relevant to the salary of the areas getting the most traction. This was the start of data-driven marketing for me. The idea that you could combine data sets and begin to paint a picture of the geographies that people were purchasing from and their relative buying power. I don’t see any agencies doing that today; it’s just templates, copying competitors in the space, and trusting platforms to provide insights as to whether things are working. There’s a lot more to marketing than just that. #marketing #ecommerce #strategy

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