The Future of Media Buying: Automation and Personalization

– Media buying as a human-powered role will become obsolete in less than a year.
– All media buying will involve a combination of great ads for top categories and best sellers, along with automation and data management software.
– The future of media buying lies in personalized retargeting ads, automated cycles from signup to purchase, and nurturing through email.Implement automation software to manage ad spend and targeting, using zero and first party data, to personalize retargeting ads and increase repeat customer purchase rates.Media buying, as a human-powered role, will be dead in under a year, likely much sooner. All media buying will be a combination of a few really great ads for your top categories and best sellers with good unit economics. Then, a combination of zero and first-party data with automation via software will manage all the ad spend and any targeting. Software is just smarter than humans here. The top of the funnel will lead to data collection (we just hit a 40% sign-up rate with five data points relevant to the customer journey). Then, we’ll take that data, push it back into an engine to personalize retargeting ads with relevant messaging beyond just product images and discounts, and call it a day. These ads will run for 28-day cycles from sign-up to purchase on autopilot. They will phase out after 28 days with a goal of retargeting not for purchase but back to interest via a click for a goal and giving up after about 45 days, which is the maximum buying cycle. Those champion subscribers will go into complete nurture via email that isn’t salesy. The mechanism we’re using for that 40% sign-up rate has a built-in secondary purchase to promote multiple purchases, which should raise the current repeat customer purchase rates. Another win in the world of upping how many times people come back and purchase again. This is the future of media buying: the right audience, with the right creative, at the right time. All automated. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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