The Future of Marketing: Embracing Change and Data Acquisition

– Truly successful people recognize and leverage change before it happens.
– Adoption of new technologies and strategies is slow, with less than 5% of people aware of how to build a strategy around data collection and application.
– The old way of doing business is no longer effective, and brands and agencies that fail to adapt will struggle to survive in the new environment.Recognize the need to adapt to changing technologies and industries, and build a strategy around data collection and application to stay ahead of the curve and ensure growth and survival in the evolving business environment.Truly successful people recognize change before it happens. They leverage existing or young technologies for their architecture and closely follow how they can leverage that architecture to apply the technology to alternate industries. The way we look at the world right now will be completely different in a few years; many won’t see it coming, I promise you. Adoption for most new things is slow. We are ahead of the curve with data collection and application, but I’d say less than 5% of people are aware of how to build a strategy around what we provide. This is the current state of the industry. It’s not a knock; it’s a reality. Those that do see outsized growth, understanding, and clarity across their customer base. Those that don’t have a situation where what used to be a long runway is nearly at its end. Rollups across ecommerce brands and agencies are going to be a real thing over the next 6 months. There are going to be a lot of brands and agencies that won’t be able to survive in the new environment; there will be fire sales. Agencies will lose clients as results falter, and brands will go under as revenue streams dry up. The old way of doing business isn’t going to continue to work the way it used to. We are not a form company; we’re an interactive data collection and distribution layer for modern brands. We are not for everyone; we’re not trying to be. The way most people see us is a nice-to-have, not a necessity. I can assure you the days where people look at us as “not a necessity” are going to quickly come to an end. Those that don’t see value right now are the same ones that were caught by all the iOS changes and are failing to see that ad prices aren’t ever going to come back down. It’s not a matter of diversifying on platforms; it’s a matter of changing the entire mindset of what it means to acquire customers. We’re bullish as hell about what’s to come in the privacy-first world we’re quickly entering into and believe in changing the fabric of what acquisition looks like and could look like. Acquisition is being rethought as we know it, and we’re actively looking into being the distribution model that allows that change to take place. More to come in the next few months. #marketing #data #ecommerce

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