The Future of Ecommerce: Personalized Recommendations for Better Customer Experience

– Zero party data is a way for brands to engage in personalized conversations with customers through owned channels in ecommerce.
– Current brands often fail to consider the psychology and emotion behind their digital interactions with customers.
– Formtoro offers a more personalized approach, asking customers questions to make suggestions and provide a better experience.Implement personalized and interactive strategies in ecommerce marketing to enhance the customer experience and increase conversions.Zero-party data is the start of a human conversation via owned channels for e-commerce, but being digital in nature, people forget the psychology and emotion behind it. Here’s an analogy for you: This is what current brands are doing. This is like going to a bar, the bartender says you’re new here, your first craft cocktail is 20% off, then having the bartender ID you (give an email address), then they leave you alone and 80% of the time you leave without ordering anything. They run after you and shout about their top-selling drinks, reminding you of your 20% off (for a limited time – even though the coupon code doesn’t really expire – this is fraud, by the way). Now here’s what it looks like with Formtoro. You go to a bar, the bartender says you’re new here, your first two craft cocktails are 20% off (we use multi-use unique coupon codes), the bartender asks for ID, then asks you what you’re in the mood for, what matters most to you in your drink, what you usually drink, then asks you if you are ready to order. In the first example, there’s no advice or personalization you can provide, you’re just doing your job and letting the person figure it out. In the second example, every answer unlocks the ability for the bartender to make suggestions and tell you what they like and what other customers have liked and why. I’ve been to a lot of bars, there’s a time and place for both, but my experience has always been better at those that ask questions to make suggestions and find answers. In my opinion, this is the future of e-commerce marketing. It’s being done in high-end bars all over the world commanding $18+ dollars for a single cocktail, and people are having 3 and willingly throwing down cards at the end of the night and tipping for the service provided. Now imagine if you did that for your welcome series at the point where people are the most interested in making a decision. Note how awkward it would be to ask for a phone number or something extra to order a cocktail. This would be the same as someone saying, “Now scan a QR code and order your drink on that.” It’s a shitty customer experience. #ecommerce #customerjourney #data

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