The Future of eCommerce: Data-Driven Marketing Strategies for Growth

– In the next 6 months, every eCommerce store will have a data strategist with a background in full cycle marketing.
– The ideal marketing team will consist of both technology and strategy talent, with technology focusing on data collection and strategy leveraging the collected data to build marketing plans.
– Communities and NFTs will become a priority in eCommerce, with a focus on building relationships with other brand owners and fueling conversations within communities.Hire a data strategist with a background in full cycle marketing to unify data collection and leverage it for building marketing plans and creating great customer experiences.In the next six months, every eCommerce store will have a data strategist with a background in full-cycle marketing. The ideal marketing team will be a combination of technology and strategy talent. Technology will focus on full-cycle zero-party data collection, combining sign-ups, quizzes, post-purchase surveys, and other surveys to unify the feedback. Those data points will tie back into and predict revenue and predictive LTV. The strategy portion will be a team that leverages collected data to build marketing plans for brands. The other part of the strategy will oversee the ads, email, and website teams to bridge the gap and create great customer experiences based on what customers are actually looking for, leveraging that data. The combination of the two will manifest into a growth vehicle for brands. With the continually rising costs of advertising, extracting more data from your existing spend will become a requirement instead of a nice-to-have. Having someone to manage this and train up your internal team will become the best investment you can make for your business. We’re trending in one direction – more competition, higher prices, more need for innovation and differentiation. Communities will also become a priority, and not the kind that people think. NFTs will be the basis of being invited in; they will come together with other benefits, and you’ll start to explore relationships with other brand owners, similar to car meetups, but rooted in the lifestyle of the brand. This will be incredibly important for smaller brands. eCommerce will transition much the same way our relationships on social media have transitioned during the pandemic. This will require end-to-end management. All those people who have dipped their toes in running podcasts will be charged with fueling conversations within communities. This is the future of eCommerce, and it’s coming faster than you think. #ecommerce #marketing #technology #strategy

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