The Future of Ecommerce: Amazon’s Unanticipated Impact and Organized Stores

– Amazon is a powerful force that will greatly impact the ecommerce industry.
– Amazon’s marketplace is not comprehensive, leading to the need for discovery through the platform.
– The future of ecommerce involves organized stores with products available through both Amazon and individual websites, with a focus on customer-driven innovation.The key action item is to focus on creating an organized store with all products available for purchase through Amazon’s Buy with Prime feature, while also utilizing your website for data and research to better understand and drive quality traffic to your business.I think Chad’s right. I also think that Amazon is a force that no one is fully anticipating. I think that e-commerce will massively change based on my own personal shopping experience. Here’s why: Amazon doesn’t do a good job of letting me see all the products that a company sells. A lot of the time, they don’t sell all their products through the marketplace. So, Amazon operates as a discovery vehicle as well. With the rollout of Buy with Prime, any store will have the benefits that Amazon offers while being able to offer all their products for all those items people are actively searching for and interested in. I think aggregators are a joke and in the wrong business. They would be better positioned in other industries that are more lacking. There’s a path forward, but it’s not as operators. Margins are shrinking. In terms of Algo-based brands, it’s always been about the buy box on Amazon. There are too many options when you get to page 2, and none of it solves what you’re looking for. The Amazon experience has changed, and not for the better. I often find myself going to Amazon to get something I already like for the free and easy 2-day shipping. That’s it. Prices are good too on their private label stuff, which I like. And the quality of the products has been surprisingly good for my basics that I wear regularly. They won me over with a good product. So what’s era 6? I think it becomes organized stores anywhere with everything Buy with Prime, with all those products duplicated on Amazon. People find you both via Amazon and via your website, but your website is used for data and research to better understand who your customer is and to drive more quality traffic to where you need it. That’s where I think we’re headed. Innovation will always be customer-driven.

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