The Evolution of Email Sign Ups in Ecommerce

– The evolution of email sign-ups for ecommerce is moving towards collecting more specific information about the customer’s preferences and intentions.
– The future version of email sign-ups will likely include more detailed information such as interests, ownership, and purchase intentions.
– Simply collecting an email or phone number is not enough to effectively target customers, as timing and relevancy are crucial in ecommerce sales.The key action item is to focus on collecting more detailed information about customers, such as their interests, preferences, and purchase intentions, in order to send targeted and relevant content.In business, there’s the old way, the current trend being hyped, and then there’s the future. It’s common for things to build on each other. When it comes to email sign-ups for e-commerce, there’s a pretty clear evolution taking place and good reason for it.

Option 1 (the old way):

Option 2 (the current trend being hyped): 415-555-7578

Option 3 (the future):

Interested in jogging pants.

What matters most is breathability.

Owns 5 other pairs of similar pants.

Looking to purchase in the next few weeks.

And yes, you can add a phone number to Option 3 if you want. A phone number and email do not provide context for where the buyer is at in their customer journey, which is why I have a strong feeling the future version will become the default and that collecting just an email or phone number isn’t the long-term play.

This is the largest misconception with what brands are currently doing: how to get in touch with someone is only valuable if you know what, when, and why to send something to them. Sales in e-commerce are about timing and relevancy. It’s not about spray and pray. Unfortunately, most brands just care about how to get in front of people, not the actual content of what gets put in front of them (as evident by my inbox). #ecommerce #marketing #customerjourney

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