The Challenges of Strategy in Ecommerce and Marketing

– Email, ads, product pages, and landing pages are not difficult to create with the use of frameworks.
– However, achieving product market fit, cost-effective customer acquisition, viral spread, community building, PR coverage, and balancing growth and profitability are challenging.
– The best strategy alone is not enough to yield results; it must be accompanied by good email, ads, product pages, and landing pages.Rethink your approach to ecommerce and business by focusing on the customer journey and seeking experienced guidance for strategy.Email isn’t hard. Ads aren’t hard. Product pages aren’t hard. Landing pages aren’t hard. There are frameworks you can use for all of these that are good enough for 80% of what you need. Finding product-market fit, achieving cost-effective customer acquisition and interest, getting viral spread via word of mouth, building a community, getting PR coverage, and balancing growth and profitability with unit economics are hard. The strategy to drive results for all these aspects is extremely hard. Here’s why – The best strategy without the rest of those things mentioned in place will not yield results. The best strategy with bad email, bad ads, bad product pages, and bad landing pages will result in suboptimal results across everything. Things that are constantly messed up strategy-wise: 1. Making ads that look like everyone else. 2. Writing emails with the intention of only selling. 3. Product pages that are missing information or make you have to look for it. 4. Landing pages that only want to sell you something. 5. Treating paid and organic traffic the same. 6. Assuming your value proposition is what people care about. 7. Making personas and trusting them without testing. I know that most of the things above aren’t hard; they just require breaking from norms that previously existed. A fresh look at how to approach e-commerce and business is needed, one that moves from how we should do things to how customers experience things. Customers’ Journey v. Company Journey. It’s time to rethink things. Have questions about strategy? Go find someone with experience to help you out. This often doesn’t come from an agency; they’re just now starting to pay attention to things like unit economics. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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