The Challenges of Post Purchase Surveys in Ecommerce

– Post purchase surveys in ecommerce often yield inaccurate information due to people’s forgetfulness and difficulty in attributing their purchase decision to a specific source.
– Many post purchase survey questions focus on the company’s journey rather than the customer’s experience, which can be off-putting and ineffective.
– To obtain more valuable data, it is important to ask questions that help connect the dots between pre-purchase and post purchase experiences and focus on the future rather than the past.Focus on asking post-purchase survey questions that provide valuable insights for future follow-up and understanding the customer journey, rather than solely focusing on attribution and ROI.Post-purchase surveys in e-commerce are full of white lies. Fifty percent of people will not remember an ad within 24 hours. Most customer journeys take more than 24 hours from start to purchase. So, how can we properly attribute a customer’s answer via a post-purchase survey to be accurate? The truth is, you probably can’t. Not reliably. With brands being in as many places as they can these days, it’s really hard for people to remember where they heard about your brand. It’s not about where someone heard about you, but instead where they spend most of their time. What made them decide to purchase ultimately? Odds are, it wasn’t an ad. I totally get it. If post-purchase surveys didn’t focus on attribution, they couldn’t remotely prove an ROI for the investment in data collection. As a brand, you’re falling into templates upon templates of questions that are actually terrible questions to ask people. I audited a post-purchase company’s template questions, and over 90% of them were about the company journey. About 25% of them, when asked, actually made me doubt making a purchase if I were to receive it. A tool is only a tool when its goal is to justify its cost. I get it, you want to collect data so that people have an idea of what the experience was like. Instead, though, ask questions that give you what you need to follow up on the experience. You have to learn how to connect the dots. Customer experience doesn’t end at purchase, yet all the questions people ask are relevant to the past rather than the future. One small change can bring outsized results. Understand how data can be used pre-purchase and post-purchase to tell you the whole story. #data #ecommerce #customerjourney

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