Streamline Media Buying with Data-Driven Decision Making

– Marketers heavily rely on spreadsheets and data from platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, and Shopify to make decisions.
– The problem lies in the different platforms providing slightly different data, leading to misreporting and skewed attribution.
– The solution is to combine multiple data sets to make informed decisions, but it should be accompanied by guidance on what actions to take.Implement a clean and comprehensive data set to make data-backed decisions and save time for media buyers.Marketers live in spreadsheets. If you ask most media buyers how they make decisions, you’ll get an answer of Google Analytics, Facebook Raw Numbers, and Shopify’s Raw numbers. Usually, these are combined in a spreadsheet and compared. Some will use other software, but it’s still a comparison of multiple properties. This usually looks like a dashboard. The comparison is still manual. I know this because of my own frustration with the misreporting and skewed attribution. The problem is that all the different platforms see things slightly differently. You want the raw Facebook numbers to tell you who’s being driven to your website, you want the raw visitor data to understand who’s actually coming, and you want raw conversion data to know who actually purchased. Then, in an ideal world, you’d want to look at other data sets to combine into that data to make REAL data-backed decisions across your business. Why do I know all this? Because when you’re a software company, you seek to build things that solve problems people face. When we launched our form builder, we liked the idea of adding more data to the mix, but we wanted that data to mean something. The problem was we couldn’t find a clean data set to add in the clean data too. So what started as just solving one problem morphed into solving the bigger problem. Then iOS14 hit, but it didn’t impact us because we had already determined that the problem existed before iOS14. But getting data for the sake of data doesn’t help most people. You need to tell them what to do and why so you can train them at the same time. This is the next chapter for us, before we go to full automation 😉 If you’re a media buyer who is still looking at sheets or comparing data, hit me up. We can save you a ton of time. #ecommerce #marketing #paidads

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