Stop Chasing Individual KPIs: Focus on Context for Ecommerce Success

– Metrics chasing in ecommerce is prevalent, but most of it is in isolated silos without context.
– Focusing on individual KPIs and strategies to improve them may not necessarily be helpful to the bottom line.
– Data and strategy only matter when considered together and provide context for decision-making.Stop focusing on individual key performance indicators (KPIs) in isolation and instead consider the context and overall impact on the bottom line when making decisions in ecommerce.I see an awful lot of metrics chasing these days in e-commerce. The problem is that nearly all of it is in isolated silos that lack context. If you want a high sign-up rate, give away something. If you want a high conversion rate, email your list with 80% off. If you want a high add-to-cart rate, automatically add something to the cart when someone signs up. If you want a high SMS opt-in rate, give people a free gift when they text you a keyword. Consumer behavior can be forever gamed. Stop paying attention to KPIs in silos. There are a million strategies to hit individual KPIs and make your dashboard dance with green improvements, but you just can’t guarantee they will be helpful to your bottom line. This is what people need to realize: data, strategy, and everything else in between only matter when you take it all together to provide context for the decisions people are making. Stop falling for crazy claims and stop focusing on individual KPIs. It’s a waste of time. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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