Simplifying Ecommerce Strategy for Better Results

– The author launched new ads for a company using a simple creative approach and split the budget at the ad set level.
– The ads did not perform poorly, with click-through rates ranging from 2.79% and browse intent at 31.33%.
– The author emphasizes the importance of clear messaging, a good call-to-action, and understanding unit economics in driving successful ecommerce strategies.Focus on clear messaging that speaks to your audience and create a good follow-on journey that provides enough information for them to make a decision.I launched a few new ads for a company the other day. Super simple creative – Canva ~20 min. I split the budget at the ad set level – one broader, one with previous combined interests. The lowest click-through rate is 2.79%. The lowest browse intent is 31.33% (meaning they made it to another page and stayed for over 45 seconds). The highest cost per sub is $32.97. The lowest ROAS is 0.96. This is all top of funnel with conversion as a goal.

Why do I give you the worst stats? Because none of these ads bombed, there was no trimming needed, there was no testing a bunch of creative needed. It was a simple formula: write a message that made someone question something, show the product, offer a solution. Keep it clear to one thought, have a good CTA, and use this to sell more product to people for the first time because we have a 40% return customer rate. The kicker, we’re not an ad agency. All in all, this took us less than an hour. We’ve semi-automated media buying in our platform, so no need for a media buyer. So how did we do it? We’re a customer journey consultancy that backs everything with data and versioned hypothesis testing leveraging unit economics. It’s a mouthful and sort of complicated, so is business. Do we run ads for everyone? No. Do we write emails and copy for everyone? No. Do we consult on strategy to help you get the most out of your team that does? Yup. That’s what we do. Is everything a success? Of course not, but we learn from it. But this particular brand we’ve been working long enough to know what’s likely to work and drive results. The conversion rate for all this same time period on the website is 6.51%. When I say stop complicating e-commerce and focus on the basics with a good understanding of unit economics, I mean it. It’s not about complicated strategies, it’s not about UGC (takes too long), it’s about clear messaging that speaks to an audience and a good follow-on journey that gives them enough information to make a step towards a decision. E-commerce is hard, but a lot of that is not knowing the customer, not having data to make educated decisions, and falling into the traps of doing things the same as everyone else. It’s practicing the company journey instead of the customer journey.If you follow what everyone else is doing, you’re going to lose.Build independent data backed strategies and win instead.It makes you feel better.#ecommerce #strategy #marketing

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