Simplifying Ecommerce: Focus on the Customer Journey

– Ecommerce should focus on understanding the “why” behind the numbers and interpreting and acting on data, rather than relying on fancy dashboards and data collection methods.
– The key to success in ecommerce is driving growth over time, rather than focusing on short-term metrics like ROAs in a measured time period.
– It is important to prioritize the right traffic, customer experience, choice of channel, timing, and providing all necessary information to customers, rather than getting caught up in various tactics and metrics.Focus on the customer journey in ecommerce rather than getting caught up in various metrics and tactics.E-commerce has become really confusing for a lot of people. It’s not about fancy dashboards; it’s about the “why” behind the numbers. It’s not about how you collect the data; it’s about how you interpret and take action on it. It’s not about the type of creative that drives ROAs in a 1:1 measured time period; it’s the creative that drives growth over all time. It’s not about massive amounts of traffic; it’s about the right traffic. It’s not about the post-purchase survey; it’s about the purchase itself. It’s not about attribution; it’s about blended ROAs with profitable unit economics. It’s not about trying everything; it’s about listening to the customer. It’s not about the pixel; it’s about the experience. It’s not about SMS; it’s about the choice of channel. It’s not about urgency; it’s about timing. It’s not about loyalty; it’s about making a loved product. It’s not about creative descriptions; it’s about providing all the information. It’s not about attribution; it’s about being memorable. It’s not about your emails; it’s about staying top of mind. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE COMPANY JOURNEY; IT’S ABOUT THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY. Stop making e-commerce harder than it needs to be. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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