Shopify’s Improved Reporting: Focus on Customers, Not Dashboards

– Shopify has made significant improvements to its reporting.
– The text emphasizes that most reporting is not important and that people should focus on product pages and customer interactions instead.
– Businesses are built by creating quality products for customers, not by relying on dashboards.Focus on the customer and their journey instead of relying on dashboards for success.Shopify has quietly improved a lot of its reporting. But this is also a reminder that most reporting doesn’t actually matter. Too many people stare at dashboards instead of staring at product pages and talking to customers. This is your Friday reminder that businesses aren’t built from dashboards; they are built from making quality products for customers. Dashboards only serve to reinforce existing beliefs about success. Skip the dashboard for the next week and focus on the customer. #customerjourney #marketing #ecommerce

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