Rise of spam and bad actors on Reddit and other platforms

– Reddit is experiencing an influx of spam and bad actors, causing previously helpful and fun subreddits to be overrun.
– This trend is similar to what is happening on other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.
– The content that is being upvoted on Reddit is not of the best quality, which may lead users to seek information elsewhere.Monitor and address the increasing presence of spam and bad actors in subreddits to prevent the decline in content quality and potential loss of users.A funny thing is happening on Reddit. Previously helpful and fun subs are being overrun by spam and bad actors. So much so that people are creating factions within subreddits. Pay attention to this trend. It’s similar to what’s happening on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other places. The content that is getting upvoted isn’t of the best quality. This will eventually force people to seek out information in other places.https://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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