Revolutionizing Data Strategy for Ecommerce Growth

– Agencies and brands often lack a data strategy and struggle to effectively integrate ads, landing pages, and emails.
– Formtoro is transitioning into a consultancy to address this knowledge gap and provide solutions for data collection and marketing strategy.
– Investing in data can significantly add value to a brand and pay for itself in terms of valuation.Invest in data collection and develop a data strategy to improve marketing effectiveness and drive growth in ecommerce companies.Ads, Landing Pages, and Emails – these all need to work together. Now, imagine if all your agencies were competing against each other to justify their costs. Now, imagine that none of them had intent data attached to them at different stages and essentially were guessing. Wait, that’s exactly how things are structured today.

Formtoro is going full consultancy. When we started a while back, we thought that agencies would be capable of adopting strategy and rolling it out. The truth is, the knowledge gap is too large. Over the past two years, something has become incredibly clear: the majority of brands and agencies don’t have a data strategy at all, aren’t sure where to start, and don’t have the resources to close this gap. We’re going to solve that.

Rooted in processes we’ve refined over the years and coupled with our patent-pending technology, we’re redefining how data collection and marketing strategy can be used together. We’re really excited for what’s to come and what smart, data-driven growth will mean for ecommerce companies moving forward. The future of data and ecommerce starts now.

Closing note: still not convinced in investing in data? It’s the fastest value add to a brand in terms of valuation. It pays for itself and then some. #ecommerce #marketing #zeropartydata #noexcuses

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