Revolutionizing Data Collection and Strategy for Ecommerce Success

– The company specializes in data collection through sign-ups and uses the data to create strategies for improving various aspects of a website, such as reducing ad spend and improving site traffic.
– Most popups are ineffective and only valuable late in the buyer journey. Collecting just an email address or phone number is not enough to make significant improvements.
– The company challenges traditional approaches and partners with agencies to help them understand and use data effectively, aiming to eliminate biases and provide value from day one.The key action item is to partner with agencies to improve understanding of data collection and use it to create sustainable strategies for brands.Do you guys do pop-ups, right? Sort of…yes and no. What we really do is data collection via sign-ups and use the data to create a strategy to fill blind spots by:
– Reducing your ad spend
– Improving the quality of your site traffic
– Personalizing your customer journey
– Increasing the value of your email list
– Optimizing your decision making
– Helping you understand your customer journey
– Enhancing your website copy

In truth, 99% of pop-ups are pretty worthless. They show up at incorrect times and are only really valuable late in the buyer journey. That’s why the first welcome email has the highest attributable revenue of any emails you send.

If you’re just collecting an email address or phone number, you can’t do much other than guess with that data. For all of you now collecting an additional data point, it’s not enough. It’s unlikely to be statistically significant. The majority of people responsible for the pop-ups don’t have any idea what best practices are or why, let alone how they can be leveraged as one of only two intent points to unlock massive improvements.

Honestly, there are tons of rookie mistakes pretty much everywhere on just about every e-commerce website. Quizzes are getting a lot of hype right now with privacy changes as a means to collect more data, but there are some very big gaps with how people implement and use them.

To be clear, this is mostly a knowledge and strategy issue and a little bit of a tool issue. There’s a strategic gap that exists in the market, and no one is really filling it because we’ve become a bunch of sheep following “best practices”.

We’re different. We challenge traditional approaches. Cookie-cutter understandings and strategies don’t cut it. We partner with agencies to level them up on understanding how to collect and use data to create sustainable strategies for brands. We seek to eliminate pre-existing biases and build only using facts and data. We interpret and suggest only on things that we can accurately test.

Above all else, we provide value from day 1. #marketing #ecommerce #customerjourney

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