Rethinking Landing Pages: Focus on Discovery, Not Sales

– The sender of the message is concerned about the amount of scrolling required on the new landing pages and questions if the copy is engaging enough.
– The company’s goal is to convince and convert customers, while the customer’s goal is to learn more and build trust in the brand and category.
– The focus of landing pages should be on category and product discovery for top of funnel traffic, rather than solely on sales conversion.Rethink the design of landing pages to focus on category and product discovery instead of sales for top of funnel traffic.I received a great message the other day. “Hey Jon… Did you sign off on the new landing pages? I am surprised by how much scrolling is needed before getting an opportunity to have a link that takes you to a product. The copy is good, but I am not sure if it is engaging enough to force people to scroll that much. Just my opinion, but if you signed off on it, I will run with it.” I love this message. If you see something, say something.

Some context:
1. All the products are priced over $350.
2. The landing pages have easy-to-click menus present; they aren’t hidden.
3. This traffic is top of funnel.

Let’s talk about landing pages. Google “best examples” and you’ll see all the same:
– Offer above the fold as the hero
– Longer form copy to support offer below
– Cherry-picked social proof

The goal of the company is convincing and conversion.
The goal of the customer is to learn more and get to know the brand, category, and what they are selling.
The company journey creates a longer product page substitute.
The customer journey seeks to answer questions about the brand, the category, build trust, and provide valuable insight.
The company journey tells you what you should get.
The customer journey helps better understand the category.
90%+ of your traffic is from new visitors; this is their first interaction with your company. The goal of any customer journey is to build trust and provide useful information to shortlist your website as a place to buy the category of item you are selling. If you do this well enough, they don’t have to go anywhere else.
If it’s all about conversion, send people to product pages and build them better. But landing pages convert higher. Could we get them to convert even higher if we changed the journey?
Conversion is a result of a customer having enough information to make a purchase. It’s a result of having their questions answered while browsing your website.
Yet for some reason, everyone uses the same templates for landing pages with the same bullet point lists and the same big offer in order to force conversion.
Hint: Those people were likely to convert anyway; you’re treating them as bottom of funnel.
For top of funnel traffic, we need to rethink how we design landing pages to focus on category and product discovery instead of sales.
The goal of a landing page for me is a sign up, not a sale. 35% of people that sign up will convert in 28 days. Subscribers convert at a rate 10x higher than non. A sign up is an intent signal that doesn’t cost anything, it’s like asking for someone’s phone number at a bar after a conversation instead of wearing a shirt that says “let’s bang”. Lot’s of landing pages say “let’s bang” then let me tell you the benefits of banging me and most lead with xx,xxx others have so you should too! Don’t be that brand.#ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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