Replacing Spin to Win Pop Ups with Frictionless Forms

– The author dislikes spin to win pop-ups and suggests a different approach to engage customers.
– They propose a tiered discount model where answering questions unlocks higher discounts during a multi-step sign up.
– The author believes this approach is a win-win, as it incentivizes customers to provide phone numbers and creates a frictionless form experience.Implement a tiered discount model where customers can unlock higher discounts by answering relevant questions, instead of using spin to win pop-ups.I hate spin-to-win pop-ups. You spin, you don’t get the top prize, you enter a fake email and spin again because you see there is a better offer available. Silly. Although they boast a high opt-in rate, they also take the top prize for lowest quality. What if you were just compensated for answering questions relevant to the customer journey instead? Check out the video example below where we envision a tiered discount model, where answering questions unlocks a higher discount during a multi-step sign-up. Kind of a win-win if you ask me. It’s also a cleaner way to collect phone numbers, which have a higher drop-off rate, by incentivizing them properly. Because the whole “provide an email then a phone number” thing for a discount is whack, and if you drop off getting that discount in your email rather than on the website, it creates unnecessary friction while someone is trying to purchase. The future is frictionless forms, and it’s available today. Zoomed in on the screen to make it easier to see 🙂 #zeropartydata #ecommerce #marketing #customerjourney

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