Real buying journey: From Netflix to Birdwell’s website, 3 shirts for $80

– Watched Florida Man on Netflix and liked his terry polo shirt
– Googled terry polo shirt and found Birdwell’s website
– Added three shirts to cart, took advantage of discounts, and checked out with Apple PayAdd items to cart and take advantage of discounts during online shopping.Real buying journey. Watched “Florida Man” on Netflix. Liked his terry polo shirt. Stopped thinking about it because I was in bed. It’s Friday, I finished a glass of tequila while watching “The Diplomat.” Googled terry polo shirt. Decided I wanted one without a pocket. Landed on Birdwell’s website. Handed phone to wife for approval. Added one item to cart that was 33% off. Realized they were an additional 50% off. Added two more colors. Looked to see what else they had, wasn’t impressed. Checked out with Apple Pay. Didn’t care about the 10% off, though it might have covered my shipping because the threshold was $150 and discounts were very steep. Walked out with 3 shirts for $80. Perceived value accomplished. Likelihood of buying again: zero. Praying they don’t send me emails with offers. And fin. Happy Friday. Cheers. #customerjourney #googleshopping #friday

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