Product market fit requires timing the market and providing value

I made a Spanish Study guide when I was 16.

Had teacher review it for errors.
Printed out 20 copies.
Sold them for $20 per.
Sold our in 5 mins.

High value – took hours to make.
Limited quantity – only 20 copies.
Reasonable price – not too high not to low.
Timing – test was coming up soon.

These are the kind of businesses that build themselves.

It’s why test prep companies still kill it.

I think it’s the reason that for most recent college graduates there is a full market available for digital courses.

What if you had 6 months to get your first job in your chosen field?

There’s room for a course that could tell you what to do step by step and laid out all the costs associated to build a digital asset that would give them a step up on the competition.

If done correctly, it could very well turn into a business of it’s own if provided the proper guidance.

This is what I’m actually passionate about.

These are the types of problems I want to help people solve.

I think the way that current employment works is flawed, you’re told to be grateful for a job and small raises, rather than being taught the skills needed to start your own thing.

There is no incentive for your bosses to teach you these things. To be honest, most of them don’t know these approaches all that well either.

Every day I read tons of posts on the marketing subreddit with people searching for their first jobs in marketing.

The problem is that even those that have been doing it for years don’t have all the requisite experience to train them.

When we get older the time constraints are lifted on our success.

So people wait until pain before they make changes.

There’s another gap in the world of courses, because they have to appeal to the beginners (largest market) rather than established professionals with gaps.

A course not designed for you to start, but a course for you to actually improve where you’re at.

People don’t look for outside help when things are going well.

The look for help when things start to not work out as well.

They also look for them when a service gets commoditized.

Hello agency services lacking fundamental strategies.

The next few years are going to be really interesting.

I think a lot of agencies will toss new things at clients that are all gimmicks for a while but the road is running out.

The need for leveling up baseline fundamentals has never been higher.

The question is will agencies be able to make the shift in time?

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