Prioritize the customer journey for increased profit and success

– Prioritizing the customer journey is essential for success in business.
– Understanding and meeting customer needs leads to increased sales and profit.
– Utilizing data collection and creating a seamless online shopping experience is crucial for customer satisfaction.Prioritize the customer journey and collect customer data to improve the online shopping experience.I don’t like money or profit. That’s what you’re saying when you ignore the customer journey. That’s what you’re saying when you don’t talk to your customers. That’s what you’re saying when you don’t prioritize data collection. Put the customer first, and profit will follow. Obsess about what the customer needs in order to make a purchase, and they will make a purchase. A perfect customer journey doesn’t need a popup with a discount, doesn’t need sales, doesn’t need discounts. But until you get there, offer the discount, use the popups, collect the customer intent data, and build an experience that is familiar for people who are shopping online. Build for the existing journey that people expect. Your customers will thank you for it. #data #strategy #ecommerce

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