Predictive Outcomes: Boost Revenue and Conversion with Formtoro Strategy

– Formtoro’s strategy has helped businesses increase revenue by 5-10% and collect 10-20% more emails from high intent customers.
– The strategy has also improved ad creation, copywriting, and resource allocation decisions.
– Formtoro’s trackable ROI is 10-20x per month what is spent, and most brands see a profitable ROI within 24 hours of implementing the strategy.Implement the predictive outcome strategy provided by Formtoro to increase revenue, collect more high-intent customer emails, improve conversion rates, and gather relevant data points for the customer journey.I believe in predictive outcomes rather than case studies. So here’s a template to write your own predictive outcome as a Formtoro customer if you follow our strategy: My business made an additional 5-10% compounding revenue while collecting 10-20% more emails from high-intent customers that converted between 25-40% of the time while also collecting an additional 3-5 data points relevant to their customer journey related to the products that I sell. It has changed how we create ads, write copy for our landing pages, and our product pages. Additionally, it has changed our decisions on how to allocate our resources internally. Our trackable ROI using Formtoro is 10-20x per month what we spend.

We can predict the above because our background isn’t just in building software, our background is in building strategies for businesses to help them focus their resources and grow. We’re logical customer journey nerds. The goal has long been to productize our experience and expertise into something that’s easy to implement while combining qualitative understanding with quantitative gains. After years of doing this stuff, we’re pretty close to a complete blueprint that can drive success for the most common types of ecommerce brands. When it comes to acquisition and conversion, we’ve relentlessly focused on consent-based data collection to drive predictive strategy decisions. Most brands see a profitable ROI within 24 hours of launching with our strategy. Imagine what you could do with 20% more subscribers, of which 25-40% of those end up converting and purchasing your products. You don’t have to just imagine. Interested in test driving some of our new self-serve action for your Shopify + Klaviyo store? Drop me a note. We still have a few early bird slots left before we officially launch it. #ecommerce #data #marketing

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