Personalize Your Welcome Flow to Increase Conversion Rates

– The welcome series is a crucial opportunity for brands to make a strong impression, but it often lacks personalization and relevant content.
– Many brands and agencies lack the necessary data to personalize the welcome flow, as most data is collected after this stage.
– Collecting data and personalizing from the first email can significantly increase conversion rates and change the game for brands.Personalize the welcome flow by collecting data and using it to create targeted subject lines and relevant content from the first email, in order to increase conversion rates.You have one chance to make an impression as a brand via the welcome series; it has one of the highest open rates of any flows. Yet, they all look the same: generic and not personalized. They are overly salesy, talking about the company. It doesn’t take much to improve this – a targeted subject line and content that is relevant to what actually matters to people who sign up. The problem is that brands and agencies don’t have the necessary data to personalize the welcome flow. The majority of this data is collected during and after the welcome flow, which is largely too late. Collect the data and personalize from the first email to increase your conversion rates. Change the game. #data #ecommerce #marketing

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