Optimizing Customer Journey for Increased Sales: A Mindset Shift

– Changing the focus from Conversion Rate Optimization to Customer Journey Optimization can lead to an increase in sales.
– Prioritizing a good customer experience over making a sale is important for long-term success.
– Instead of chasing a high conversion rate, businesses should focus on ensuring that everything they do benefits the customer.Shift the focus from conversion rate optimization to customer journey optimization and prioritize creating a good experience for customers.Maybe if we changed Conversion Rate Optimization to Customer Journey Optimization and shifted the focus from a sale to a good experience, we would see a net uplift in sales. Just thinking, play the long game, do right by your customers, be known as brands that make great products. Stop chasing a conversion rate through testing; instead, default back to ensuring that everything you do is for the benefit of the customer. It’s not about gamification and upsells; it’s about making a promise and delivering on it. Remember that. #ecommerce #customerjourney #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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