Optimizing Big Numbers: Improving Click Through, Bounce, Subscription, and Conversion Rates

– Click through rate, sign up view rate, subscription rate, and conversion rate are important metrics that can be optimized in marketing.
– The average rates for these metrics are relatively low, leaving room for improvement.
– Collecting data and understanding customer intent is crucial for improving these metrics and achieving success in marketing.Collect data from website visitors to improve messaging and focus on the intent parts of the customer journey to optimize click through rate, sign up view rate, subscription rate, and conversion rate.Click-through rate. Sign-up view rate (aka reverse bounce rate). Subscription rate. Conversion rate. All of these are significant numbers that can be optimized. The average click-through rate is less than 2%, so you have 98% room for improvement. The average bounce rate or view rate is 47%, so you have 53% room for improvement. The average subscription rate is 3%, so you have 97% room for improvement. The average conversion rate is 2%, so you have 98% room for improvement. The above represents the customer intent journey. No one does it perfectly, and even the best of the best rarely achieve double digits on their best days. Outsized growth happens by focusing on the large percentages. Small improvements lead to massive gains. It’s all about psychology and knowing your audience. If you’re in marketing, you should be obsessed with improving these significant percentage gaps. The key to improving all of these is knowing more about the people who visit your website. The only way to do that is by collecting data from those who show intent to improve your messaging. This would be my semester course if I were teaching one. Understanding the difference between the company journey and the customer journey and systematically focusing on the intent parts of the journey to understand what levers can be pulled as it relates to unit economics. When you focus intently on these parts of the journey and have data, it becomes really hard not to succeed. This is what I want for all of you: success. I don’t know a smarter, more streamlined approach than partnering with us at Formtoro. Our company didn’t come from just an idea; it came from a decade of demand generation and a deep desire to know more about customers. It was created for heads of marketing and CMOs who understand the lack of value in vanity metrics. Most companies aren’t prepared to make this shift, which means you have an advantage when you choose to make it. #marketing #growth #ecommercehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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