Optimize Your Welcome Series to Increase Conversion Rates

– The average time before purchase for people who subscribe to a popup on an ecommerce website is consistent across different accounts.
– It is important to segment the welcome series emails and not wait until the second email to do so.
– Brands and agencies should collaborate to improve subscription to conversion rates and develop strategies for improvement.Segment your welcome series on the first email to improve conversion rates and fill any gaps in the subscription to conversion rate.This is the average time before purchase for people who subscribe to a pop-up on an e-commerce website. It looks similar across all of our accounts. It will look similar for your store. Yet, I’m betting that your welcome series isn’t segmented on the first email. By the second email, it’s already too late. Also, go pull your subscription to conversion rate and see how well you’re converting people. It’s kind of like your add to cart to completed checkout rate. Odds are, there’s a gap to fill. If you’re a brand with an agency, introduce us to your agency. If you’re an agency, you should get in touch. We’ll teach you how to make a fortune by surfacing and building a strategy around how to improve this.https://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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