Optimize customer journey for better conversions and sales

– Offering a discount on the first order can incentivize people to sign up for an email list, but it should only be given if they provide relevant information about their customer journey.
– The majority of people who sign up for a discount were already planning to make a purchase, but may not sign up without an offer.
– Collecting clean data at the time of intent and optimizing the customer journey can lead to improved conversion rates and better messaging across various platforms.Collect clean data at the time of intent to optimize the customer journey and improve subscription to conversion rates.You should provide a discount on the first order when someone signs up for your email list. However, you should only provide that discount if they give you information relevant to their customer journey. The majority of people that sign up for the discount were going to purchase anyway, but they won’t sign up if you don’t provide an offer. Statistically speaking, 75% of sales from subscribers come within the first 12 hours. Over 60% of people that sign up for a discount still won’t purchase. Additionally, 50% of subscribers will never open an email. So, if you’re trading a discount, cash back, or whatever, and you’re not collecting data relevant to the journey, you’re just giving away margin on an asset that provides zero context. You’re going to survey them later with another discount offer, and your response rate will be lower because the level of intent will be lower. Optimize the journey from the start. Go back and reread the above a second time because it’s super important to understand this concept. The solution is actually really simple. We used it to automate customer support prior to building Formtoro for marketing. Collect clean data at the time of intent. One change to multi-step signup forms with live data collection, and you offset this previously sunk cost and can work towards improving your subscription to conversion rate, not with deeper discounts, but with better messaging more likely to help people convert. That messaging will be leveraged across your landing pages, ads, emails, product pages, and overall website. It’s not a gimmick. It’s not a quick win. It’s real business principles around understanding your visitors and helping provide the information needed to convert them into customers. It’s customer and market research. Right now in e-commerce, there is no bigger opportunity available. Context is everything. Without it, you’re blindly hoping for the best. With it, you’re doing your best to help others. At the end of the day, a product exists to help others achieve something. Embrace change and improve your customer journey. Want to improve your customer journey? I’m running 1-hour recorded website evaluations for $500. We’ll walk through the parts of the website you want reviewed, record the whole thing, and use the time for Q&A. It might very well be the best $500 you spend. #data #marketing #customerjourneyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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