Optimize Customer Journey: Collect Relevant Data, Not Phone Numbers

– Signing up via phone number makes it easy to receive coupon codes and unsubscribe quickly.
– Most people who subscribe via a popup purchase within minutes, so it’s important to reduce friction and collect phone numbers at checkout.
– Asking for phone numbers during signup may add unnecessary friction and result in high unsubscribe rates, while asking relevant questions about the customer journey can provide actionable data.Collect phone numbers at checkout instead of during signup to reduce friction and increase completion rates.”I love signing up via my phone number. It makes it so easy to get my coupon code. Then, I just text ‘STOP’ and unsubscribe. I don’t have to go through my email and click on a button. This is Gen Z. This is consumer behavior. If we get a text we don’t like, we text back ‘stop’. Now, on my iPhone, I just report it as junk and delete it. Emails, I’ll tolerate for a long while before I go in and do a clean sweep, but I enjoy them. They are like mini advertisements from brands that I had a relationship with at some point. So why does this matter? What actually matters is what people do after they sign up for the newsletter or offer. The vast majority of people that subscribe via a popup purchase within minutes. They are signing up for a coupon code they can use. If you’re asking for a phone number, 50%+ of people will have to leave your website to get the coupon code that they really want to use. Reduce friction, collect it at checkout. They are already headed there, they just need their coupon code. Don’t make them switch apps. For the 50% of people that sign up and never open a single email, you should probably substitute asking for a phone number with asking questions relevant to their customer journey. This way, you know who is converting and at what rates so you can build a better customer journey. I’m dead serious. The idea of collecting an SMS during signup is SMS company propaganda. The unsubscribe rates are through the roof. It literally just adds friction to someone trying to access a discount to complete a purchase. A lot of it. Ask for a phone number, even with a skip, and you’ll get a 60% completion rate. Ask for only an email and ask 4 questions relative to the customer journey, and you’ll get a 90% completion rate. Here’s a pro tip: one has data you can action at scale, the other doesn’t really matter as you can collect it during checkout. Just saying… Customer journey first. #data #customerjourney #sms”https://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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