Optimize Ad Testing with a Repeatable 28-Day Method

– The text describes a straightforward and repeatable method for testing ads in an ecommerce company.
– The method involves starting ad campaigns on Thursdays, running them for 7 days, trimming underperforming ads, and letting the campaign run for another 7 days.
– After 28 days, around 90% of conversions from clicks are expected to occur, and the process should be repeated with the winners and scaled.Implement a structured and repeatable ad testing method, starting campaigns on the same day of the week, running them for 7 days, trimming underperforming ads, and pausing campaigns on day 14 while starting the next test.I’m going to tell you how we test ads with our test ecommerce company. It’s the most straightforward repeatable method we’ve found.

1. Start every ad campaign on the same day of the week. We gravitate towards Thursdays.
2. Let the ad campaign run for 7 days.
3. Trim the fat after 7 days, then let it run for 7 more.
4. On day 14, pause the campaign for 14 days.
5. Also on day 14, you start your next test following the same pattern.
6. After 28 days from the start of the campaign, around 90% of all conversions from clicks that were going to happen will likely happen.
7. Rinse and repeat. Keep the winners and scale them. Iterate on them in your testing and stay focused.

Most brands don’t have an attribution problem; they have a process and strategy problem. Process, resource allocation, accountability. As long as you have your UTMs organized properly, that allows you to work through versions, etc., this system will run like a top and you’ll be able to clearly see what’s working and what’s not. The brands and agencies with the best processes tend to win out.

Now take all that process and layer on data collection, customer research, and a thorough understanding of the customer journey and its touchpoints, and you’ll find pretty much guaranteed success. #marketing #ecommerce #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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