Nike’s DTC Transition: Improving Data Collection and Personalization

– Nike and other companies are transitioning to direct-to-consumer (DTC) models.
– The focus is on better connecting with audiences and driving up revenue.
– Improving data collection and personalization, such as through sign-up forms, is a key strategy.Improve Nike’s sign-up form to collect more personalized data and preferences from customers in order to enhance email and content personalization and increase revenue.Nike has been making the transition to DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) for the last few years and doesn’t seem to be stopping. Other companies like Adidas and Under Armour are also following suit. The future lies in better connecting with their audiences and driving up revenue. An established brand like theirs already collects a lot of data, but how can we improve the most basic elements, such as their sign-up form, so they can personalize emails and content and increase engagement through their stable of athletes who are relevant to their customers? Their current form asks for an email, birthday (for age verification), and preference for men’s or women’s. Here’s a modern take on what I believe it should look like. (Go full screen on this one) #DTC #marketing #data #ecommerce

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