Navigating Privacy Changes: Collecting Zero Party Data for Marketing Success

– The conversation revolves around the challenges posed by iOS 14 and iOS 15 changes, as well as upcoming Google Chrome changes, which are affecting tracking and marketing strategies.
– The new age of privacy requires a shift towards collecting zero party intent data and leveraging it to refine internal strategies and form partnerships for customer acquisition.
– The need for an agency or strategy direction is expressed, but resources are currently limited, making it crucial to prioritize data collection and develop a comprehensive strategy for optimizing conversion rates.Start collecting zero party intent data and use it to refine your marketing strategies and optimize conversion rates.This is a conversation that is happening and will continue to happen over the next few quarters and beyond.

People: We’re getting hammered by iOS 14 and iOS 15 changes. The browser changes are preventing us from tracking website visits accurately, and Google Chrome changes are around the corner.

Me: Welcome to the new age of privacy.

People: We’re really finding it hard to figure out how to future-proof our marketing stack and strategy.

Me: It requires a strategy shift to collecting zero-party intent data, then using that data to refine your internal strategies and leverage it alongside paid spend into partnerships, which are the lowest cost of acquisition for new customers and something that is sustainable.

People: We’re really looking for an agency or someone who can direct strategy for us to get us through this.

Me: Do you have the resources to execute on a provided strategy?

People: We’re pretty lean right now. We’re spending just to maintain the business.

Me: There are no shortcuts. The best way forward is to collect more data about your customers prior to purchase, then build a journey with them to optimize their conversion rate. When you get to a 60%+ rate of converting people who showed intent and provided you data, you’ll be on your way to optimizing properly. BUT, you need to have a strategy in place and resources allocated to follow through on an internal process that measures gains at every step of the funnel and over relevant time periods for conversion.

People: How do we get there?

Me: Rethink everything, but just start with collecting data during sign up. If you have data, strategy will come. #marketing #privacy #ecommerce #zeropartydata

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