Maximizing Website Profitability: Collecting Data for Effective Co-Marketing

– The goal is to have a high-quality website that can generate profit through selling ad space.
– Ecommerce websites may not be suitable for selling ad space, but collecting data during signups can help identify potential co-marketing opportunities.
– Collecting data and understanding customer demographics can help bring in new customers in a cost-effective manner.Collect data during signups to understand who to co-market with and bring in new customers in a cost-effective way.At the end of the day, the goal is to have such a good website that you could sell ad space on it. Why? It’s literally pure profit. So, could your ecommerce website sell ad space? The answer is likely no. Should it? Maybe not. But should you be collecting data during sign-ups enough to understand who you should co-market with to bring in new customers in a cost-effective way? Yeah, you should be doing that. #data #marketing #ecommerce

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