Maximizing Subscriber Acquisition and Engagement in iOS 15

– There is a lack of effective measurement for quality subscriber acquisition in email marketing.
– Clear opt-in language is important to avoid misleading users and obtaining their consent.
– Brands should prioritize collecting first-party data and incentivize signups to gather more information about their customers.Incentivize signups and collect more data to understand what interests your subscribers and prioritize your marketing efforts accordingly.I saw this on Twitter the other day from Stephanie Griffith about iOS 15 and the upcoming changes. I’ve seen similar advice being thrown around, but the problem is that it doesn’t tell you how to do any of these things. A lot of these topics are things I’ve been talking about for a while as gaps for just about every ecommerce brand. How do you know what quality subscriber acquisition is? The truth is, no one has a way of measuring quality where it matters, at sign up, before the first email goes out. Just because someone signs up doesn’t mean they are quality; ask all the people using spin to wins. How do you use clear opt-in language? There are plenty of bad examples on websites that ask for an email and then have a “continue” call to action, but still subscribe you if you drop off from providing a phone number. How do you know what content users want? We are quick to ask why people are unsubscribing, but brands never really ask why people are subscribing. How do you prioritize first-party data? Personally, I prefer zero-party data, as it comes directly from the customer, but passive first-party data gives you a hint as to what people are looking for and how to talk to them, sometimes. REAL ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Incentivize your signups and collect more data. Don’t worry about drop-off and use a tool like ours to collect live data step by step while getting answers to what someone is interested in, what matters most to them, and when they are looking to purchase. Email open rates less than 50%? Great, now you have data to retarget them via paid ads and close that loop. iOS 15 just requires you to rethink your strategy; arguably, you should have already been rethinking your strategy. The countdown until September is running. Thanks for lining up what we’ve built to answer all your suggestions so easily 🙂 #marketing #ecommerce #customerjourney #ios15

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