Maximizing ROI with Formtoro: Data-backed marketing plans for success

– Formtoro helps businesses show a return on investment (ROI) by unifying customer data collection and providing consulting services.
– Data collection is crucial, but it is important to know how to use the data effectively.
– Formtoro’s experience in customer journey consulting and data-backed marketing plans can give brands an unfair advantage and potentially uncapped ROI.Utilize Formtoro’s data collection and consulting services to gain an unfair advantage against competition and improve ROI in marketing efforts.Should you always see ROI on your ads? The most common question I get asked is, “How do you show a return on investment with Formtoro? How do we know if it’s working?” It’s a funny question to me because without it, you’re guessing. Like really guessing. You could guess right, you could have product-market fit, or you could see no improvement in your stats. The thing about data is that it’s not the collecting that matters, but how you use it. Imagine one platform where you could unify your customer data collection, tying quiz answers to sign-ups to post-purchase surveys, and have a team that handles all the implementation and works directly with your internal teams and agencies to help you translate what the data means and how to use it. That’s what we’re building. We’re replacing all the one-off tools with a better architecture across all of them. But rather than just providing you a tool, we’re leveraging our decade-plus experience in customer journey consulting to help you grow. We’ve sold on Amazon, we’ve sold in retail, we’ve sold direct, we’ve partnered with the largest companies in the world for co-marketing. We’ve dealt with international product launches and managing agencies in different markets. Been there, done that. We know what partners are interested in, what data buyers want to know about, etc. Data collection is the single greatest unlock of opportunity; it’s invaluable when you know how to use it. There’s a reason we started this company, and it’s to fill a gap and give brands an unfair advantage against their competition. We can build data-backed marketing plans based on data in 30 days that are actually tied to the customer journey. So what’s the ROI on using Formtoro and having us consult with you? Uncapped. #consulting #marketing #data #ecommerce

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