Maximizing Holiday Sales: The Power of Repeat Customers

– Sales during the holiday period often come from repeat buyers, indicating the importance of building customer loyalty over time.
– A successful sales period is not just about offering discounts, but also about customer appreciation and building trust.
– Growth in sales takes time and can be achieved by prioritizing customer needs and utilizing data for strategic planning.Focus on building trust with past customers and providing them with valuable information to encourage repeat purchases and long-term growth.This week, eCommerce stores and agencies are going to release all sorts of crazy numbers. It happens every year. These numbers aren’t attributable to the sales period. What I mean by that is… A lot of sales during this time of year come from repeat buyers. A successful holiday period is almost always tied to a lot of things done right and compounding over time. Break down the sales that came from people who already purchased the products versus actual new customers to the brand. Looking at our own store, we positioned this period as customer appreciation week. It was all about them instead of the sales period or the sale. And that sale? 5% more than what everyone already had access to via the normal signup. That signup coupon can be used 2x. And yet, still in this case, a small majority of people buy less than 2x. Know your numbers. This store just had an amazing Black Friday into today sprint fueled by past customers. It wasn’t the sale but the actions over a few years that allowed it to get to this point. Understand it’s a marathon, not a sprint. At the end of the day, it’s always about getting the product in hands and building enough trust and providing enough information to make this possible. Our little pilot partnership that’s been going for 2 years just did 7x its annual sales from before we started working together this November. Growth takes time and compounds when done right. Our entire approach has been customer and data first. Contrast that with another one of our clients – On the other end of the spectrum, one of our clients will sign up more than 75,000 people to their newsletter this month. All of them with data points attached relevant to what they are interested in, what matters about it to them, their experience with the type of product that’s differentiated, and when they are looking to purchase. Customer research at scale that will help them define strategy for next year. You’re never too small to start, and you’re never too big to benefit. Have a great rest of the month, everyone! I hope you break records! #data #sales #ecommerce #growth #blackfriday

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