Maximizing ecommerce sales with proper data collection and analysis

– Collecting proper data is essential for successful ecommerce sales
– Combining and reporting on the collected data is necessary for effective analysis
– Having the right resources and expertise is crucial for the data analysis process to workEnsure that you collect proper data and have the necessary resources and expertise to analyze and utilize it effectively.Want to sell more stuff profitably in ecommerce?
1. Collect the proper data.
2. Combine the proper data with other data.
3. Report on the proper data with the other data.
4. Get recommendations on what to do with all your data.

If the data you are collecting isn’t proper, none of the above processes work.
If you lack the proper resources and expertise, none of the above processes work.
Data is not a solution; it’s a collection of elements required to test a hypothesis.
There’s a massive difference between being a data platform and a DATA STRATEGY PLATFORM.
There are a ton of tools out there that are getting better at collecting data; some of them can even do some reporting on that data.
Pretty much all of them fail at telling you what to do with the data, let alone breaking it down correctly.
The future is data and business modeling based on data 🙂 #marketing #ecommerce #customerjourney

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