Maximizing Distribution: LinkedIn vs Reddit for Marketers

– The post on LinkedIn received less engagement compared to the post on Reddit, with only 30 likes and 10 comments on LinkedIn, while Reddit had 570+ upvotes, 511 shares, 152k views, 20 chats, and 5 calls booked.
– Reddit has a longer shelf life for posts, with followers still being gained from posts that are 2+ years old, unlike LinkedIn.
– Marketers may face challenges on LinkedIn as their posts may be called out for being overly vague, while Reddit can be used as a litmus test to reach a smart and engaged audience.The key action item is to use Reddit as a platform to distribute and promote your product, as it has a longer shelf life, a larger audience, and the potential to generate more engagement and calls booked compared to LinkedIn.A post on LinkedIn – 30 likes, 10 comments, zero calls booked. The same post on Reddit – 570+ upvotes, 511 shares, 152k views, 20 chats, 5 calls booked, enough followers to launch a course. Distribution of your product means that you understand where your audience hangs out and how to talk to them. It’s about education, not sales. The shelf life of a Reddit post is way longer than LinkedIn too. I still gain followers on one of my accounts from posts that are 2+ years old. The problem most marketers face is that their posts on LinkedIn would flop on Reddit because people would call them out for being overly vague. Use Reddit as a litmus test; you’d be surprised how many smart people hang out there in anonymity. #marketing

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