Maximizing Data Collection for Ecommerce Growth: Zero Party Data

– It is important for ecommerce businesses to collect and utilize data about their visitors and customers.
– Many brands focus too much on collecting basic contact information and not enough on gathering valuable customer data.
– Utilizing data effectively can help businesses improve conversion rates and outperform competitors.Start collecting better data about your visitors in order to improve conversion rates and create a library of customer data to help your business grow.Chris Cantino dropped this awesome thread the other day. I can tell you from experience, partnering with some of the largest brands in the world, that this is the absolute truth. It’s all about data. If you’re in e-commerce right now, no matter what stage you are in, start collecting better data about your visitors right now. Not all of your visitors will convert. Not all of your subscribers will buy. But you have a boat with a massive hole right now where 95% of your customers don’t purchase, and 90% don’t subscribe. You need to be maximizing the data you collect from the 5% and 10% that do, so that not only can you improve those numbers, but also create a library of customer data to help you grow at rates that are better than everyone else out there. Too many brands spend too much money on ads only to collect an email or phone number at best. You’re literally pouring money down the drain. Please stop. New to the concept of Zero Party Data and multi-step forms for e-commerce? Don’t know where to start? Here’s our take on what they are, why they matter, and how you can use the data collected. #ecommerce #zeropartydata #popups

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