Maximizing Customer Value in DTC Ecommerce: The Journey Redefined

– Customers in DTC ecommerce are unlikely to sign up for newsletters unless they are offered something of monetary value, usually in the form of a discount.
– Some companies argue that providing enough value eliminates the need for offers or discounts, but customers are still hesitant to provide their email without receiving anything in return.
– The challenge is to re-envision the customer journey to be more customer-centric and find alternative ways to incentivize sign-ups.Offer something of monetary value, such as a discount, to incentivize customers to sign up for the newsletter in DTC ecommerce.If you’re in DTC ecommerce, I’m not going to sign up for your newsletter unless you offer me something of monetary value. This is almost always a discount but requires me to do something. This is the company journey I promise you. For those of you who say that if you provide enough value, then you don’t need to include an offer or a discount… You’ll add me to your list later when I checkout if I decide to purchase something, so what’s the point of me giving you an email for nothing in return? I’m not saying this behavior will change as now it’s become normalized across all online stores, but I’m also not saying it’s accurate when it comes to the customer journey. I know some people have had some success with quizzes, etc., to get people to sign up to see their results, but for me, I never fill in the email. It’s a low intent point. The question becomes, how can we re-envision the journey to make it more customer-centric? We think we have a solution 😉 #ecommerce #marketing #customerjourney

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