Maximizing Audience Attention: The Key to Successful Marketing

– The author believes that attribution numbers in ecommerce stores are not important and will become even less relevant in the future.
– The author focuses on finding high-quality audiences and tracking metrics such as ad views, clicks, offer engagement, subscriptions, data collection, purchases, and checkout completion.
– The author emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer journey, building a community, creating engaging content, and injecting passion into brand marketing efforts.Focus on maximizing attention from a quality audience, collecting data to understand the audience better, and creating content that makes people want to be part of your brand.I don’t look at attribution numbers in ecommerce stores. Most of the time, they don’t matter. Soon, they will have less relevance (Google “Brave Sugarcoat”). Here’s what I do care about: finding the highest quality audiences and learning progressively.

I care about the following:
– How many people see my ads.
– How many people click on my ads.
– How many people stay long enough to see our offer.
– How many people subscribe to said offer.
– How many people provide data with said offer.
– How many people that subscribe to said offer make a purchase.
– How many people start checkout.
– How many people complete checkout.

I don’t care about “add to cart” as it has low intent these days. Conversion rates broken down by:
– Percentage of New Customers.
– Percentage of Repeat Customers.
– Percentage of Subscribers.
– First Purchase ROAs.
– Blended ROAs.

But Jon, some of those are attribution numbers. Anything is an “attribution” number if you look broadly enough. Accurate numbers though? Eh, good enough is where I like to land on this. The rest is up to the experience with the product and comparisons to other products that person has experienced at the time they experienced them in their lives. I can’t control that.

So from a practical business perspective, my goal as a marketer is to ensure that I can maximize the attention from a quality audience, to collect data to understand that audience better so I can build better experiences and iterate from there. Scaling up messaging to attract more people like the ones that are shown to purchase. Leaders would be much better off just paying attention to the customer journey rather than looking at dashboards. Approach brand building like building a community. Look at how people experience your brand, how people travel through your brand, and work on creating content that makes people want to be part of your brand. Inject your passion and energy for your brand into the day-to-day content that you create. Passion is contagious. Lean into that. #marketing #strategy #ecommerce

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