Maximize Email Marketing Success with Proactive Data Collection

– Ecommerce email marketers often have limited information about their subscribers, usually only starting with an email address.
– Progressive profiling and surveys are common methods used to gather more data, but they have low success rates.
– Using Formtoro during the signup process can significantly increase the amount of data collected, with a potential of 380 data points per 100 subscribers. This data can be used to optimize various aspects of marketing and improve overall brand performance.Implement a strategy to collect more data from subscribers, such as using Formtoro during the signup process, in order to optimize various aspects of the ecommerce business.All e-commerce email marketers want to know more about the subscribers they are sending to. Most of the time, they only start with an email address. The only options for them are to progressively profile one data point at a time or link to a survey for the user to fill out. For progressive profiling, this requires the subscriber to open and click on something in the email. For surveys, this requires someone to open and click on something in the email, then be redirected to a page to fill out however many questions the brand asks. Progressive profiling has a success rate that is less than 10%. If you send out 100 emails, you would get a maximum of 10 data points. Surveying, depending on the offer, is also less than 10%. If you send 100 emails, you may get a maximum of 40 data points. If you include questions using Formtoro while doing the signup, 95% of the people will give you all the answers, and 99.9% will at least give you one data point. So, at the minimum, you’ll get 380 data points per 100 subscribers, all before sending out your first email. When the name of the game is data, a 38x bump to optimize a process you’re already doing is the single greatest immediate impact you can implement for a brand today. This data can be used to optimize a ton of things too: your product pages, your website, your ads, your retargeting, your emails, your post-purchase experience, your partner marketing, and much more. Adopting a better, more complete strategy around data collection unlocks value across the board. A 38x increase in added value simply by being proactive rather than reactive. #marketing #data #emailmarketing #ecommerce

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