Maximize Ecommerce Success with Personalized Data Collection and Marketing

– Formtoro helps ecommerce websites collect more data during signups to understand their customers and improve marketing strategies.
– The norm in the industry is to use two-step opt-ins and focus on product results rather than customer experience, but Formtoro believes this is a poor approach.
– Formtoro offers a solution that shows coupon codes during the signup form, personalizes messaging, and provides agencies with valuable data sets to drive change and gain a competitive edge.Collect more data during the signup process on your ecommerce website to personalize the welcome series and improve customer experience.I’ve been struggling with how to describe what we do at Formtoro in plain English. To me, it’s simple: collect more data during a signup on your ecommerce website to understand who’s signing up and how to market to them, and find others like them. Personalize the welcome series because if you don’t get a sale in the first 10 days, it’s unlikely to ever happen now or in the future. Yet, the norm is dominated by two-step opt-ins that cause a bad customer experience and force people to leave the website they are on and hide the coupon code, only to be sent via email or text. Or personalized results that focus on products rather than the things that matter in products. Most brands don’t understand that this is a poor customer experience that takes them away from their buying journey. Yet, everyone is doing it. We always show the coupon code during the signup form. Give people what they were looking for. So, you tell me which of these you like best: Like your existing popup, but better. If you could collect more than just an email or phone number, why wouldn’t you? Personalize your messaging from the first email. You’re already using a popup, make it more useful. Give your popup superpowers. Stop guessing, talk to your subscribers, not at them. Same popup, more data, better results.

The other thing we’ve noticed is that there’s a gap in actioning data. There has always been a struggle to analyze the data and drive change with it. We’ve built a lot of this internally at this point. For an agency, it’s strategy on autopilot leveraging data collected on a regular basis – it’s superpowers of knowing what to focus on and what the impact on a business will be if executed correctly. I keep coming back to being a strategy tool that ingests data and outputs how to use it. I genuinely want to help agencies make the transition to data-driven by providing them with arguably one of the most valuable data sets that 99% of brands aren’t collecting. This is a HUGE advantage for anyone looking for an edge in working with clients or winning new clients. But right now, brands aren’t collecting enough data and are hooked on two-step opt-ins rather than building systems to actually market to their customers. This is a shift that most brands haven’t decided to make yet. This unlocks a lot more work for agencies, brands likely will struggle to have time to make it happen, it’s a gap, fill it. CLV requires a sale, the majority of all sales happen 3 days after signing up, no one is personalizing the welcome flow. You’re biggest room for growth and gains happens through data and personalization within the first 3 days. It’s the largest gap across all brands. Which begs the question: Why are you not collecting more data at signup right now? #ecommerce #data #marketing

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