Maximize Data Collection for Better Customer Experiences

– Brands currently collect data through progressive profiling and surveys, but the response rate is less than 10%.
– Progressive profiling collects one data point at a time through email clicks, while surveys require email opens, link clicks, and form submissions.
– By collecting more data during the sign-up process, brands can potentially collect 38 times more data and improve customer experiences from the start.Implement a smarter data collection strategy during the sign-up process to collect more data and improve customer experiences from the start.Me: How do you currently collect data about your subscribers?
Brands: We use progressive profiling and send out surveys.
Me: What rate of response do you get?
Brands: Less than 10%, but it’s great because we can do stuff with the data that people do provide.
Progressive profiling requires someone to open an email and click on a specific CTA in it. As the brand, you collect one data point at a time.
Surveys are great tools, but they require someone to open an email, click a link, fill them out, and hit submit. With low click-through rates, you often find yourself incentivizing people to fill them out post sign-up.
This method of data collection happens post sign-up.
There are only two points of intention during the customer journey that require someone to enter an email – signing up for a discount and checking out. Less and less on the checking out side of things as most of your info is already in something like Apple Pay or PayPal.
We ran the numbers, conservatively, if you collect more data during sign-up as part of a sign-up, you can collect 38 times the amount of data. Data you’re already trying to collect, just at the wrong time and in the wrong place of the customer journey.
Mini Recap –
1. Brands are already trying to collect data.
2. They are getting less than a 10% response rate.
3. There is a smarter way to collect more data and build better customer experiences from the start.
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